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John Arkusinski, DO

Dr. John Arkusinski is a board-certified family practice and OMT physician with a strong background in family care. He has a deep commitment to the well-being of his patients and a passion for holistic healthcare. 

After practicing as a physical therapist for 12 years, he attended TCOM in Fort Worth, graduating in 1999 where he was honored to receive the Robert G. Human Memorial Award for his unique understanding of and commitment to family practice. His dual allopathic and osteopathic residency through UHS Wilson Medical Center in New York was completed in 2002 at which time he returned to Texas to be near family. He has practiced medicine in Ellis County since that time. He is currently in practice in Ennis, Texas with Dr. Davey Perrin, who shares his dedication to patient centered care. He resides in Ennis with his wife, of 30 plus years.

One of Dr. Arkusinski's defining qualities is his dedication to his patients. His approach to healthcare extends beyond the treatment of immediate symptoms; he places a strong emphasis on preventative health measures and a comprehensive understand of each patients unique needs.By prioritizing patient goals and preferences, he fosters a collaberative relationship that empowers patients to take an active role in their health care decisions. 

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